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Grown-Up Cake Smash with Robin!

Robin (a talented photographer who is also local to the area) and I were talking one day about how much fun cake smashes looked for kids, and inevitably the conversation turned to one of us mentioning “Why do kids get to have all the fun??” Since it was her birthday right around the time of the conversation, I’m sure you can guess what happened NEXT:




But first…let’s rewind a little! In case you didn’t know, a CAKE SMASH is typically something fun parents do for a child’s first birthday. Place birthday-child in front of cake, let them go nuts on said cake, making a mess and enjoying (many times) their FIRST taste of sugar-heaven – and take LOTS of photos of it. But really…WHY can’t grown ups have a little part of the fun? We like cake too! And by choice, we know a whole LOT better cakes than the cheapo-grocery store ones! When is the last time you had such reckless abandon with a little dessert that it required a hosing off afterwards? That’s right – most of you are saying either NEVER or NEXT WEEK (after seeing these photos!)

As “adults”, we are taught to be neat, eat healthy, be proper…I say, it’s high time we started enjoying our cake a little (lot) more…and if it’s your birthday, and you want to invite a bottle of champagne along for the ride, well you DO that! It’s your day, and you should do it your way!

Thank you again to the lovely Robin for allowing me to share her birthday celebration with her, terrify some people walking their dogs through the park, and feeding the local squirrel population with some of the finest dessert I’d tasted in a long time! (The cake was from the AMAZING Mannino’s Bakery, and I heartily suggest you check them out, if the frosting I tasted was any sort of preview!)

Bon Appetite and…..WHO’S NEXT?

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