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To say I love weddings is an understatement – I have a passion for them. Why would you want me to photograph your wedding? Allow me to explain from my perspective:

The love, the fun, the family, the excitement, the traditions; It excites my very soul to share with you all the moments of your wedding day that you will remember forever, and I consider it a privilege to be able to tell your story through my photography.
Although I am there to document your day, when we work together, it’s so much more. I have driven you to your ceremony in my personal car, I’ve held your hand while you’ve cried, I’ve helped steer your day gently while you were able to enjoy it without stress, and I’ve shared the absolute elation when you commit your life to respecting and loving another. You have bared your selves to me and my camera and shown me your joy and your laughter in ways you normally reserve for intimate family and friends. For over a decade, I’ve been honored to learn about your cultures and your family traditions and opened my eyes to so much beauty that I am forever grateful that this is my profession.
These are your stories, your memories, your love, and your laughter; and I will never be able to forget a single one of them.

Please enjoy just a SMALL selection of my favorites!


Please enjoy looking at just a few of the wonderful experiences, businesses, memories, and lives I've been honored to be a part of.




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