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Facts About Derek

(More than you ever wanted to know!)
  • Father of one of the most amazing daughters in the world, who teaches me every day new ways to love.
  • Transplanted Canadian living in Royal Oak, Michigan now.
  • LOVES Christmas lights and leaves them turned on WAY longer than his neighbours.
  • Favorite places to travel are Chicago and Las Vegas….so far. (But LOVE Detroit with a passion!)
  • Will win any contest about movie or music trivia. BRING IT.
  • I think the most powerful force in the universe is a great laugh.
  • Did I mention how much I love Christmas Lights?
  • Favorite shows: Breaking Bad, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and most anything on HBO.
  • Got into photographing people because everyone used to say “Don’t take my picture – wait until I look done up!”, and this formed my passion to make people look their best in photos. (see
  • If you hear the words, “Hey, you want to try something?” chances are you’re going to find yourself wet – jumping in water, fountains, rain, rivers, waterfalls, sprinklers, etc.
  • Enjoys teaching photography almost as much as photographing! Don’t be afraid to ask, I want to share my passion with you too!
  • Wonders…Who reads this far down the list?
  • Loves and collects vintage cameras – yet does not shoot film. There is just something beautiful about vintage camera design!

The philosophy of “Life, Laughter, and Love” was what inspired me to remember what’s important to capture – moments, not just photographs – when I have a camera in my hand. I’m there to capture YOUR moments, your personalities, your passions, and your memories.

Friends will ask me if I consider it work, but I ask, how can it be? When I am blessed to be able to share such wonderful moments in peoples lives, to be shared forever, I can’t call it work – but I can tell you it’s the best job in the world! And I would love to share it with you!



Please enjoy looking at just a few of the wonderful experiences, businesses, memories, and lives I've been honored to be a part of.




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