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You deserve to look AWESOME, but so does your business.

Your candidate.

Your marketing.

Your BRAND – all of it.

I’ve had the absolute honor and privilege of working around the globe to take your business and branding to another level, to elevate and establish your message and your candidacy – in a single image, or an entire campaign. I am DRIVEN to having someone see a single frame and understand your brand, recognize your message, and relate to your product. In photo or video, every campaign is unique and there is nothing I love more than the challenge to create something that speaks to your brand’s core.
Watch the slideshow below and see images I’ve created with many companies from around the world – Canada, Germany, India, China, Hong Kong – I am authorized to work in many countries and willing to travel to make your project, products, and people come to life!

One of the greatest compliment I received when setting up for a large headshot photoshoot was the client saying to someone “Derek has a way of pulling your real personality out in his photos.” This is my philosophy when I photograph, keep things real, earnest and genuine, even in something as “routine” as a new headshot for your business!

Let’s get your message HEARD, your products SEEN, your candidate ELECTED – what can we create together next?


Please enjoy looking at just a few of the wonderful experiences, businesses, memories, and lives I've been honored to be a part of.




Detroit based, serving USA/Canada/Worldwide


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