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Portraits and Engagements

I make you look AWESOME.
This isn’t just a statement, it’s the basis on which I photograph every subject in front of my camera.
Portraits. Families. Engagements. YOU.
You KNOW (at least I hope you do!) that you’re beautiful. But my goal is to show you how beautiful you are to everyone else who knows you, who loves you, who appreciates you. I don’t want you to show me who you THINK you are in front of a camera – I want you to relax, have fun, and THEN you’ll show me your TRUE self. I don’t like to tell someone to smile – I’d much rather have them feel happy, feel in love, feel confident.
I’m not here to make you look beautiful…I’m here to show you how AMAZING you look to the rest of the world.


Please enjoy looking at just a few of the wonderful experiences, businesses, memories, and lives I've been honored to be a part of.




Detroit based, serving USA/Canada/Worldwide


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