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New Blog, New Site! ::Metro Detroit Wedding Photography and MORE::

When one door closes, another opens – It’s time for a brand new website!

In an ever-changing world, I finally took some time to sit down and update my website. Unfortunately, like many creative-types, my lack of an attention span kept me busy with SO many other things over the last 2+ years, that I seemed to have neglected it! Sure, I updated my blog, and sure, I posted almost EVERY single shoot to the facebook business page (, but I just kept forgetting to add something new to the portfolios here! So I threw it all away, and started from scratch. Yup! Out with the old, and in with the new, right? Who wants to see what I shot 3 years ago, when I feel I’ve grown and strengthened with each passing year; so I pitched it all. (Of course, a few personal favs managed to squeak their way into the current site, I’m sentimental!)

I’m not saying the photographs I took in the past were somehow lesser in any way – quite the contrary! They are moments of time, beautiful moments/joyous moments/emotional moments. But time marches on, and I’ve got a LOT to share with you!

So now I’m ready to SHARE SHARE SHARE! You’ll notice a LOT of new blog posts over the next few weeks – this is to catch up with all the blogging I didn’t do over the fall! I figured, why put them on an old site, if the new one will be where all the new stuff will exist!?

New things: LOTS of new images. I now offer VIDEO (whaaaaa?) in the commercial area; I want to tell stories, and sometimes they’re best with movement and audio! Also…THE COMMERCIAL AREA! Yes, I want to branch out and help other businesses grow. So all things promotional – headshots, food photography, promotional photo AND video. Why would I branch out from weddings, when they are something I love so much? Well, because if you aren’t moving forward, you’re staying still. I want to stretch and learn new things, and sometimes, those things take place during the day, during the week. (Weddings are pretty much a “weekends” thing.)

Also, there will be (soon) a FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS area on the website! Mentoring, teaching, a podcast aimed JUST for Professional Photographers. Stuff that will bore the average person to tears sometimes, but makes the hair tingle on the back of a pro-photographer’s neck!

SO much new stuff to come – I almost don’t know how to express it! But somehow, this photo from a recent vacation of my daughter marveling at her breakfast will just have to do – Enjoy!


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